FS10N – is the the transaction code used for GL Account Balance Display.
Difference in Last year Closing balance and Current year Opening Balance
  • This will be corrected after running carry forward programme FAGLGVTR (for ECC 6.0)
  • Rerun the f.16 in test mode, this might generate the posting which would fix the disbalance

Note 402917 - If the opening balance does not correspond to the closing balance of the previous year on an account even after a repeated balance carryforward, you must always check whether you are dealing with a retained earnings account. If so, then you should check for inconsistencies in your system. And then you can activate the parameter for individualbalances retained earnings account during the start process of the balance carryforward program SAPFGVTR. You then receive a list of all P+L accounts with single values, which are balanced for the value of the retained earnings account. This means that you can reproduce and check the balance on the retained earnings account.

Asset number not displaying in report
SE16 for table BSEG will display asset number with the account balance.

Special fields on FS10N:
FS10N > Settings>Special Fields
This would promt a warning message stating that this would change a cross client table.
For example, if you make a change at client 800, it will change the setting on other table ( client 000 up to client 999). So, always discuss with ABAP folks before these configurations are changed.

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