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For the LAN setup for local printer you can defined it as device LOCL Device type: SAPWIN Host printer: __DEFAULT Host spool access method: F (Printing on front end computer) This printer will works fine on your LAN.For the WAN, assuming that you have 2 office connected over the internet and they work fine with the printer LOCL. Now, you need to have a Print Server where you have installed […]

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BillingSAP Billing represents the final processing stage for a business transaction in Sales and Distribution. Information on billing is available at every stage of order processing and delivery processing. 4.6x VTFL – Check copy control rulesTarget Sourcee.g. Select F2 – Invoice LF DeliveryClick Iteme.g. Double click on Tan – Standard ItemCheck Data VBRK/VBRP – Copy rule number in use e.g. 900 VOFM – Creating a splitting ruleClick Data Transafer -> […]

Script Commands.Defining a variableDEFINE &CUST& = ‘00000021’. Define and insert a standard text:Standard texts is predefined texts that can be used in more than one form. Standard texts are can be created, changed and displayed using transaction SO10. The text ID is used to classify texts. To include a standard text in a form, use the INCLUDE command: /: INCLUDE Z_BC460_EX4_HF OBJECT TEXT ID SDVD When formatting the standard text […]

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SAPSCRIPTS are used to generate formatted documents which can contain logos, tables and other formatting objects. And this documents can look like a pre printed documents that normal ABAP codes cannot possible. SAPscript comprises these five components: 1)an editor for entering and editing the lines of a text. 2)styles and forms for print layout. 3)the composer as central output module. 4)a programming interface 5)several database tables for storing texts, styles and forms.  Transaction code SE71 is […]

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LSMW is a tool used to tranfer data from legacy system to R/3 periodically or once.It supports conversion of data and Batch Input,BAPI,IDOC or Direct Input can be used as the method for transfer of data.Total of 26 processing steps are available in LSMW ,In case of data transfer using Batch Input only 14 steps are required. There are 14 steps that are normally used and these are : 1)   […]

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