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Free SAP Tutorials on MM Pricing Procedure, MM Release strategy etc., in MM Configuration Free SAP Tutorial on SAP Navigation in SAP General Free SAP Tutorial on SAP MM Enterprise Structure in SAP MM   Free SAP Tutorial on How to Create Material Master in SAP MM Purchasing   Free SAP Tutorial on How to Create Vendor master in SAP MM Purchasing Free SAP Tutorial on How to Create Purchase Requisition in SAP MM Purchasing Free SAP Tutorial on How to Create RFQ in SAP MM Purchasing      Free SAP Tutorial on How to Create Purchase Order in […]

Pricing Procedure :In MM module, pricing procedure is used during RFQ and PO creation. Total value of material based on all addition and subtraction like discount, surcharge, tax, freight, etc. In this we are defining pricing procedure and linking to vendor and purchase department through the virtual schemas.Following steps for pricing procedure as,1. Define conditions.2. Define pricing procedure.3. Define virtual purchase organization and vendor.4. Info Record. Free SAP Tutorial on […]

Introduction In the standard SAP, towards Optimization of Purchasing activities and to found out a suitable source of supply for a certain material, in addition to vendor and material master data the following types of master data are also maintained: Purchasing info record Source list Quota arrangement Source List If at any point of time, buyer wants to know which vendors or internal suppliers can supply a material over a […]

Purchasing Information Record In the standard SAP purchasing info record is maintained as a source of information for Purchasing. It contains some of the information from material master and some of the information related to its supplier/vendor. Hence Material and Vendor Master is pre-requisite for a purchasing info record. You can also maintain the purchasing information record without material master record if your material is for direct consumption. Here you […]

Purchase Order is a legal document used to record an individual purchase with the vendor or arrange for a delivery based on prior agreement. It also provides the vendor with a reference document to link to shipping and invoicing processes. This training document will take you through the core processes required to create a basic purchase order in SAP.  In each screen, all the fields are explained in detail so you will […]

RFQ – Request for Quotation.It is the initial step in a vendor selection process.   The business sends out RFQ to the vendors and the vendors respond back with Quotations with prices.  Next step is quotation evaluation followed by issue of a purchase order for the material/services needed.Sometimes in certain business processes – A purchase requisition for new material services starts the process of RFQ.Before creating purchasing documents you should ensure […]

Procedure Create Purchase Requisition To create a new purchase requisition, choose . Change Purchase Requisition To change a displayed purchase requisition, choose . Display Purchase Requisition To display or change another document, choose , select Purchase Requisition in the next window, and enter the desired requisition. Create Purchase Requisition …        1.      In the SAP menu, choose Logistics ® Materials Management ® Purchasing ® Purchase Requisition ® Create. Free SAP Tutorial on how to Create, Change Purchase Requisition. Please read this free SAP material Free SAP Tutorial on […]

If you wish to store information on your vendors in the SAP System, the following functions are available: Create vendor master record Change vendor master record Block vendor master record Use one-time vendor Display list of vendors Free SAP Tutorial on how to Create, Change and Maintain Vendor master record Free SAP Tutorial on Vendor Master.pdf

You create a material master record in the following cases: If no material master record exists for a particular material. In this case, you create the material master record. If a material master record exists for a particular material, but the master data for your user department is missing. In this case, you extend the material master record. If a material master record exists for a particular material and the master data for your […]

Free SAP Tutorial on How to Create, Change Contract. Please Read this free SAP Material Free SAP Tutorial on Contracts.pdf