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SAP Purchase Order Release Strategy Configuration

  • Monday, July 11, 2011
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  • Configuring the Purchase Order Release Strategy

    The aim of the sap purchase order release procedure is to replace the manual written authorization procedures.  An electronic signatures is used instead, maintaining the dual control principle.  The person responsible for the processes of the requisition or other purchasing document in the system have to approve by marking an "electronic signature" which can give the document legal force for further processing.
    Briefly, this is how the purchase order release strategy works :-
    The release code is a two character ID allowing a person to release (clear, or approve) a requisition or an external purchasing document. The release codes is basically controlled via a system of authorizations (authorization object M_EINK_FRG).
    Use SE12, structure CEKKO to check all the fields available for controlling the Purchase Order.
    An example of configuring a Purchase Order Release Strategy :-
    If the total value for the Purchase Order exceeds 10,000, release strategy 01 is assigned to the Purchase Order.  There is only one characteristic created in this example.  For controlling the Purchase Order type, create characteristic for CEKKO-BSTYP and the value NB.
    Steps for configuring the Purchase Order release strategy :-
    1. Create the PO Characteristic
    2. Create the Class of the PO Release Strategy
    3. Define the Release Procedure
    4. Check your PO release configuration

    Create the SAP Purchase Order Characteristic
    Transaction code : CT04 - Create Characteristic   e.g.  NETVALUE
    • Click Additional data tabstrips
    • Table name CEKKO      Field name  GNETW    and press enter and you will see this information message :-
      Format data taken from Data Dictionary (press enter)
    • (for currency dependent field, you are prompt to enter the currency which the system then converts the currency of the Purchasing document into this currency)
    • In the Basic data tabsritps (X refers to tick),
      X    Mutliple values
      X    Interval values
    • In the Value data, in the Char. value column, type >=10000 (equal or greater than 10000) and press enter
    • Save your data
    Create the Class of the SAP Purchase Order Release Strategy
    Transaction code : CL02 - Class
    • Class - Create REL_PUR
    • Class type - 032
    • Click Create button
    • Description - Release Procedure for Purchase Order
    • In the Same Classification section, click Check with error
    • In the Char. (characteristic) tabstrips, type NETVALUE to assign your characteristics to the class
    • Save your data and this message will appear :-
      Class type 032: Class REL_PUR created
    Define the SAP Purchase Order Release Procedure
    OMGS - Define Release Procedure for Purchase Order Type
    Release Group - New entries   Rel. Object   Class                 Description
      02                                 REL_PUR        Rel. Strategy for PO
    Save your entries.
    Release codes - New entries
    Grp         Code
    02           01
    Save your entries.
    Release indicators - New entries
    Release indicators           Release        Description
          0                                                        Blocked
          1                                     X                Release
    Save your entries
    Release Strategy - New entries
    Release group   02
    Rel.strategy    01 - Release
    Release codes   01
    Release status   0 - Blocked
                            1 - Release
    Click the Release prerequisities button
    Click the Relase statuses button the click the Continue button
    Click the Classification button
    Choose your check values
    Click the Back button
    Save your entries
    Check your SAP Purchase Order Release Configuration
    Finally, check your PO Release Strategy configuration to make sure that there are no errors.
    OMGSCK - Check Release Strategies
    (make sure there are no error messages)
    Once the Purchase Order is not release, buyers will not be able to print the Purchase Order.
    Goods Receipts will be shown with Message no. ME 390 - Purchasing document XXXXXXX not yet released.
    In 4.6c, Purchase Order with Release Strategy have a tabs at the end of the Header.  This allowed the buyers to check the release status of the Purchase Order.
    The person with the release authorization have to use ME28 to release the Purchase Order.

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    Tanmay Vivek said...
    July 5, 2012 at 5:23 PM

    hello sir

    I am an absolute beginner in SAP and what you have explained above is helpful but I am unable to understand it completely there any programming involved to set this up....if I want to do this for say 100 people whose purchasing groups are known to me is that possible.....????
    how do I set up that which purchasing group will be the approver ???
    please help me out in this regard...either here or email me at

    it would really kind of you sir...thanks in advance .

    Vinod Desai said...
    August 8, 2012 at 10:17 AM

    i did all this configuration but still release strategy tab does not show in po. tell me where i was wrong.

    abhi said...
    September 4, 2012 at 2:42 AM

    have you followed all the steps,Please send me your requirement on I will reply back with the all possible steps used for release strategy with config

    Anonymous said...
    October 24, 2013 at 9:25 AM

    Did you do this config directly IN the Production Client? The classifications do not seem to transport between dev, Test and Prod.

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